Archaeology of Yatvings Project

“Archaeology of Yatvings” is the first project of conservation and management of archaeological heritage in Poland to give priority to non-destructive methods of assessment of archaeological heritage resources resting in situ, the legacy of centuries-long human presence and activity in that area.

Central to the Project implementation is the use, in a comprehensive (complementary) manner, of techniques such as aerial archaeology, geophysical survey, natural science analyses, and the application of innovative ICT tools, with a view to determining the extent and the preservation of the archaeological heritage preserved at Szurpiły and Skomack Wielki.

For the Project Partners from Poland (State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw – PMA) and Norway the Project is significant in that helps test a number of innovative research methods in different geographic conditions. It is financed from the EEA resources and the resources of the Mazovian Regional Assembly (the administrative body for the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw).

Input from the Project on the extent, chronology and structure of archaeological sites at Szurpiły and Skomack Wielki will be used to support the local communities in the Suwałki Region and Masuria in developing heritage industry products inspired by the local archaeology and in displaying the untold history and culture of two power centres of West Balt tribal chiefs to tourists.

The input from the Project is expected to activate the local communities around the concept of archaeological heritage industry promoting creativity and using it to develop and sell products inspired by the local cultural history.

The Project is an important point of reference for other public projects implemented in north-eastern Poland. It is compatible with many strategic actions currently implemented including the European Agenda, the European agenda for culture in a globalising world, the Social Capital Development Strategy, and the development strategies 2020 for the Podlaskie and the Warmińskie-Mazurskie voivodeships.

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Foundation of Diversity in Culture and Art

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Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne

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