Yatvings. The Forgotten Warriors exhibition opened on 19 October 2015 in the modern building of ECK, the Cultural Centre in Ełk. The welcoming address was given by Kazimierz Bogusz, the Director of the History Museum in Ełk, and by Wojciech Borkowski, Deputy Director of the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw. Anna Bitner-Wróblewska, Head of the Department of Balt Archaeology and Project Leader introduced the Archaeology of Yatvings project involved in creating the exhibition, and its heroes – the warring tribe of the Yatvings. She spoke at some length about some of the exhibited objects, especially those deriving from the recent investigation of the hillfort at the nearby Skomack Wielki (Ostrów). The subject of Yatving archaeology was met with considerable interest with many questions from the public (more than 40 guests).